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2019-05-07 | EN15804: Module D is essential for supporting an environmentally-sound circular economy in the building sector

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The standard EN 15804 defines the core rules to develop Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in Europe. This standard uses a modular approach for three product life cycle stages: production (Module A), in use (Module B) and end-of-life stage (Module C), combined with a cut-off rule which does not allow consideration of the recycling aspects from a full product life cycle. As a result, Module D is included to consider the additional aspect of recycling which is not addressed through the recycled content metric. As an example, for a metal product made of 40% recycled metal which is recycled at a rate of 90% at end of life, Module D reports the additional benefits resulting from the 50% of recycled metal which is not addressed by the recycled content approach.

Module D is then complementary to Modules A to C and provides an overview of the recycling performance and benefits for the full product life cycle. Hence, it is a key element in supporting an environmentally-sound circular economy in the building sector.

2019-05-07 | Metals and building sustainability

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Metals are synonymous with the structural and functional performance of a building, ensuring its integrity as well as the security and comfort of the occupants. They also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of buildings.

Architect and design communities wishing to build sustainably must pursue a design philosophy which maximises the building’s output; this includes consideration of occupant comfort and productivity as well as climate protection while at the same time focusing on increasing efficiency of resource use — energy, water, and materials — and simultaneously reducing the building’s impact on human health and the environment. There is a need to ensure that during the building's lifecycle siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, deconstruction/ demolition and recovery of resources are optimised for sustainability

This fact sheet highlights how metal building products can indeed contribute to maximise building sustainability.

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