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Metals are circular

Metals in Buildings strongly contribute to the Circular Economy

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Metal recycling in EPD

Properly considering metal recycling in Environmental Product Declaration is essential

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Recycling targets

Metals ask European Commission to develop a ‘re-use and recycling’ target for Construction and Demolition Waste.

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2024-04-05 | JRC report shows the benefits of metal recycling

The JRC report related to "Techno-economic and environmental assessment of construction and demolition waste management in the European Union"underlines that metals are the only materials which are already systematically and profitably recycled or reused at the end-of-life of buildings. Such metal reuse or recycling provides significant environmental & climate benefits by avoiding the production of primary metal.


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2021-10-12 | Nathalie Janssens elected as new President

This election took place at an Extraordinary General Assembly on 8 Oct. Nathalie Janssens (Alvance-European Aluminium) succeeds to her previous colleague, Alain Dufour, who sadly deceased in August. All METALS FOR BUILDINGS members congratulate Nathalie and look forward to a successful collaboration.

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  • Metals provide society with a material that is 100% recyclable without loss of properties.

  • Metals are widely applied in the Building and construction sector.

  • Metals are a first choice material for structure, reinforcements, cladding, roofing, window frames, plumbing, heating equipment and many other applications.

  • Metals can be found in old, historic buildings as well as new, modern architecture.

  • More than 95% of the metal products used in buildings are specifically collected and recycled at the end of life.

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