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International Copper Association Europe (ICA Europe)

Based in Brussels, the International Copper Association (ICA) Europe is the leading advocate for the copper industry in Europe. As ICA’s European branch, the organisation represents companies that mine, smelt and recycle copper for use across the economy, in the electricity system, buildings, transport and industry. Through a team of policy, industry and scientific experts, ICA Europe promotes copper as an essential material for achieving the EU’s ambition of a resilient, climate-neutral Europe and seeks to ensure that EU policies enable the sustainable production of copper to serve Europe’s future needs

In total, the European copper industry employs some 50,000 people directly and sustains the jobs of millions of others by delivering key products into a vast range of business and service activities.

ICA Europe is committed to use facts, figures and the results of scientific research to strengthen public awareness of copper’s value to society, to health and the environment. Copper’s colour, beauty and design flexibility features in leading edge architectural design both inside and out of the building envelope.  Copper’s many attributes are also used in providing clean fresh drinking water, safely delivered gas and electricity supply, traditional and renewable heating and cooling within the building.

Copper’s superior performance as a conductor of electricity and heat lends itself to both resource efficiency and resource productivity resulting in high performance renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, saving CO2 and avoiding fossil fuels costs. Copper is recycled without loss of intrinsic properties through a recognised chain of recycling bodies.

For more information, please visit the ICA Europe website.

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